To take as many of you with us as we can, we need funding and resources. Funding and resources will be our biggest hurtle and we need your support. All funds will go to the building and transporting of the rink, transportation of people and accomodations and resources (food, water, etc.).

Donations will also be used to promote the sport around the world by showing there are no borders when it comes to playing our amazing sport - what better way to show that than by playing hockey on Antarctica?

Global Warming and climate change are huge issues in the world right now. Donations will also be used to promote conserving our fragile enviroments so that future generations have the same opportunities to play the sport outdoors.

All donors will be given access to special behind the scenes features, stories and first dibs on gear used during the games.

If you donate you can have a chance to win one of two prizes:
- 1 roster spot to the person that donates or brings in the most donations (make sure and have your donors list your name)
- For anyone who donates: you will be automatically added into a lottery drawing for a roster spot. Drawing will be done early next year.

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