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Ryan Bahl has now played hockey on 6 Continents looking to complete his 7th Continent and the final leg in his epic quest to play hockey on all the Continents in the world. He has recently been featured in The Hockey News (full article here or read the short article) about his playing all over the world and his efforts to play in Antarctica. Ryan Bahl has played hockey everywhere and his experience in setting up hockey around the world makes him a perfect person to set up a historic event in Antarctica.

Ryan also has an amazing team working with him to finalize details for getting to Antarctica. Grant Budd, team captain and founder of hockey in the Falkland Islands, is working side-by-side with Ryan Bahl to make this historic event happen. Grant is a businessman originally from the UK, but now living in the Falkland Islands. His experience with business in that sector of the world, combined with his determination to set up hockey in a part of the world that has never seen hockey (just like the Falkland Islands), turn this duo into a real power house in establishing a venue and opportunity to play hockey in Antartica.

Ryan Bahl and Grant Budd originally met in Punta Arenas, Chile in 2015 and became close friends. They plan to meet again in Chile during July of 2016 and will work on finalizing details and going over plans to get to Antarctia. The team is more than determined to make this historic event happen and prove that if you set your mind to something, anything is truly possible.


Ryan Bahl #19 and Grant Budd #10 represent the Falkland Island's National Team in Chile.


To take as many of you with us as we can, we need funding and resources. Funding and resources will be our biggest hurtle and we need your support. All funds will go to the building and transporting of the rink, transportation of people and accomodations and resources (food, water, etc.).

Donations will also be used to promote the sport around the world by showing there are no borders when it comes to playing our amazing sport - what better way to show that than by playing hockey on Antarctica?

Global Warming and climate change are huge issues in the world right now. Donations will also be used to promote conversing our fragile enviroments so that future generations have the same opportunities to play the sport outdoors.

Antarctic Hockey is looking for players, sponsors and anyone who wants to help make this historical event happen. We want you and we need your help so please contact us! We look forward to you joining our team and helping out any way you can.


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